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Raising Ducklings – 5 Key Aspects

raising ducklings

Raising Ducklings – 5 Key Aspects


Did you just bought a few ducklings you fancy at a local store? Or are you contemplating of buying a few? Did you just receive some ducklings as gifts? If you answered yes to these three questions, you must be wondering how you will be able to raise your little ducklings. Here are a few hints in raising ducklings on your own.

There are only a few basic things that you need to ensure that your ducklings remain healthy and grow into beautiful, mature ducks. These five basic elements in raising ducklings (applies too when you are learning how to raise ducks) are a brooding area, proper bedding, heat source, feeds, and water.


1) Brooding Area
This refers to the area where your ducklings will live. You will have to choose a feasible area before any baby ducks arrive. The brooding area can be a small building, or a corner in your garage or barn. If there will only be a few ducklings, you can use a cardboard box. This should be an enclosed area to protect the ducklings from rodents, dogs or cats. Maintain cleanliness in the area. You always have to keep it dry and well-ventilated with ample light.


2) Bedding
You have to cover the brooding area floor with absorbent materials to serve as bedding, like straw or hay. Avoid using wood shavings or chips because they might cause serious health complications in case the birds eat them. Any wet spots have to removed and replaced on a daily basis. Make sure to look out for moldy bedding as it can be harmful to your ducklings.


3) The Heat Source
Raising baby ducks can be fun if you know how to care for your baby ducks. Caring for your ducklings is never complete without providing them with a heat source. You can use a heat lamp with an infrared bulb. Regular bulbs are not recommended because they do not emit enough heat. It will all depend on how many ducklings you have. If you only have a few ducklings, you just need a 50 watt reflector bulb to warm them. You need to maintain a temperature of 98°F for the first 10 days. You need to decrease the temperature by 5°F each week by raising the lamp. Continue decreasing the temperature until it reaches to 70°F, usually after 6 weeks. Make sure that the lamp doesn’t come in contact with the ducklings.


4) Proper Feed
The fourth important element in raising ducklings is giving them the proper feed. You will need to use un-medicated chick or duck starter. You can also feed them with finely chopped fruits and vegetables. They also eat small insects and worms. Avoid feeding them with whole grains, dry bread, and birdseed.


5) Water
You have to make sure that the water level is kept at ¼” deep to keep ducklings from drowning. The ideal item to use is the one that has a jar in the middle which automatically dispenses water into the surrounding circular area as needed.

You will definitely enjoy raising ducklings. You will soon find out that it is not as hard as you think. You just have to make sure that any element mentioned here is not left out and you will be on your way to raising your first ducks.

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